Lancaster, PA Sheet Metal Fabrication Systems

Lancaster County is in southern Pennsylvania, on the Susquehanna River. Lancaster, the county seat, is known for its red-brick Central Market building. North of the city, Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum evokes a traditional German settlement. Southeast, in Amish farm country, the town of Strasburg is home to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania’s vintage trains. Farther south is riverside Susquehannock State Park.

Lancaster County, PA Sheet Metal Fabrication Manufacturer

The founder and current of Metal Finishing Systems is President, Earle Bare. Earle has sought to hire highly conscientious professionals that recognize the importance of quality and customer service and to ensure that MFS employees have the latest technology and Tools to efficiently produce precise high-quality ready-to-use parts for our customers. Our integrated sheet metal services focus on meeting customer requirements for precision turnkey parts with small to medium production runs. 



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