Sheet Metal Fabrication Systems Serving Norristown, PA

Norristown, PA is a borough located just outside of Philadelphia, it is a region we have provided sheet metal for many years. Working in many industries we design sheet metal fabrication and our local clients in the Norristown area know us well. Our headquarters based in Lionville Pa services Norristown on a regular basis.

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Being only six miles from the heart of Philadelphia, Norristown business owners have choices for metal fabrication and that is why we work so hard to retain our clients and get referrals every day in our industry. Norristown is home to many healthcare, legal, and social services sectors. The Montgomery County government is the municipality’s largest employer in Norristown. Although recently Norristown has seen new office buildings constructed or rehabbed in the recent years. Due to the renovations, more job offerings have been seen to appear in Norristown.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Products For Norristown
As a result, many new parking garages can be seen in construction, as well as new townhouses and apartments. The Lafayette Street extension project is in effect now in Norristown. It is a 60 million dollar project, it is said to improve highways, and mobility into downtown Norristown for the working citizens. More work for the people of Norristown can be seen in breweries, cigar factories, textile mils, ice houses, foundries, rolling mills, and lumber yards. Smaller work can be found In the several theaters downtown, department stores, as well as goods and services. The opening of the new malls in the nearby King of Prussia more work can be found for citizens of Norristown, PA.

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