West Chester, PA Sheet Metal Fabrication Systems

MFS corporate headquarters is only a five-minute drive to West Chester. We are based in Lionville right behind the Exton Mall. MFS has a 30 thousand square foot manufacturing plant that provides custom sheet metal fabrication to customers within a seventy-five-mile radius on a daily basis. We have a logistics team that delivers as promised and we are certainly the most referred sheet metal fabricator in West Chester.

West Chester, PA Sheet Metal Fabrication Manufacturer

MFS workers live in the area and consider West Chester their home. West Chester is the county seat of Chester County and is home to many locally owned businesses. There are numerous industries that have been using our sheet metal for many years and refer our facility. We are very proud to say we have been in the West Chester area for 35 years providing excellent service and sheet metal products to those in need in a timely manner. The ability to own a business in the heart of West Chester keeps the town thinking to buy local. That being said the town can use these revenues to have holiday parades. West Chester hosts a Halloween parade, as well as a winter Holiday parade. More events hosted in the town are known as bike races, running races, food festivals, and much more. The festivals mentioned are located along gay street and loop all the way around to church street. These festivals continue to bring more revenue into the heart of the town. An annual chili festival is hosted in West Chester. The festival is not only for the restaurants that serve chili, it offers the opportunity for other restaurants to provide samples and get festival guest to gain interest in new restaurants. Citizens come from all over Chester County and visit West Chester for the day.

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